How to behave as a Professional Journalist

article-2The members of the Society of Professional Journalists accept that public enlightenment is the forerunner of equity and the foundation of popular development. Ethical journalism strives to guarantee that free trade of information that is precise, intense and fair. An ethical journalist acts with integrity. The society proclaims these standards as the foundation of ethical journalism and supports their use in its practice by all individuals in all media. Ethical journalism ought to be precise and fair. Journalist should be completely honest and courageous in gathering, interpreting information and reporting. Read More→

How to Stop Media Violence

article-3Media had been a dangerous profession whether being involve in higher official or well known people “expose” or those that includes covering abductions and terrorism.

Modern Day Media Ethics.

article-1Media ethics way back during the time of renaissance have been questioned for ethical standards that needs to be followed. Here we will be discussing about the Media Ethics of the modern era. Read More→